What is a Sensory-Motor Concept and Why is it Important to Know?

Understanding sensory-motor concepts is the crucial element to moving well as we age or regain lost skills after an injury, trauma, or cerebral accident. This understanding is not cognitive in the ordinary sense. It requires sensing how we perform an action so that we can improve our motor skills with a deeper felt sense. It’s [...]

Cantal 1 & 2 Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Programs

Our  Cantal 1 Feldenkrais Training Program is in full swing and no longer open for enrollment, but our new Cantal 2 Training program begins in February 2018 in Aurillac, France and is accepting applications.  See our Training page for more information and view some introductory videos here. […]

Milano Levico 5 Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program

Our Feldenkrais Training Program in Milano and Levico, Italy is underway.  This training program is no longer open for enrollment, but visitors are always welcome!  See our Training Page for more information and view some introductory and testimonial videos here. […]

Eugene 2 Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program

Our Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program in Eugene, Oregon will start its final year in March. Enrollment is closed, but visitors are always welcome. See our Training Page for more information and view some sample lectures and testimonial videos here. […]

How Feldenkrais Saved My Life

Years ago, I was a dancer and choreographer working with Anna Halprin’s dance troupe in San Francisco. I was young and I didn’t know what damage dance could do to my body and the bodies of other artists I worked with. Fortunately, I met someone who did - a physicist, engineer, and Judo Master named [...]

How Feldenkrais Can Improve Your Yoga, Pilates, Fitness or Physical Therapy

Whether you teach yoga or are a therapist of any kind, here are a few things to know about The Feldenkrais Method. Feldenkrais is not exercise The Feldenkrais Method is an advanced version of the new Mind-Body fitness.  It is a way you can learn to move with increased coordination or improve skills you might [...]

An Interview with Dr. Frank Wildman

Q: How would you describe the Feldenkrais Method? What is it (briefly)? A: The Feldenkrais Method® is a unique approach to improve overall human function through movement. Now, that's not going to mean much to most people. It's a little like trying to explain gravity or electricity, everybody's eyes glaze over two sentences into it, [...]

The Pelvic Walk

By Frank Wildman, Ph.D. SECTION I: Sitting in a Chair — The Pelvic Walk The purpose of this lesson is to help you discover how to sit more lightly, move your pelvis more easily while sitting, and turn in your chair while performing activities in the workplace or home. Sit comfortably in the middle of [...]

Sitting Pretty

BY Frank Wildman, Ph.D., GCFT Editor's Note: This "Chair Play" exercise is excerpted from the book,The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement, by Frank Wildman, Ph.D., which describes how to use The Feldenkrais Method® to move with more ease, comfort and efficiency. If your work is a pain in the back (not uncommon for sitting [...]

Sitting in a Chair

By Frank Wildman, Ph.D. SECTION I: Sitting in a Chair Sitting in a chair is harder on the spine than standing or walking because there is more pressure on the disks of the spine. Many people have to frequently stand because of pressure that accumulates while sitting. Standing relieves muscular contractions that we are unaware [...]