Research Base

Frank Wildman, Ph.D. James Stephens, Ph.D., P.T. Evidence Based The first research study involving Feldenkrais Method® (FM) was published in 1977 with several more appearing in the next decade. Since 1988 there has been an increasing amount of research done and recently this has been increasing each year. Because FM has such a wide range [...]

Origins and History

Frank Wildman, Ph.D. James Stephens, Ph.D., P.T. In our society, we do, by the promise of great reward or intense punishment, so distort the even development of the system, that many acts become excluded or restricted. The result is that we have to provide special conditions for furthering adult maturation of many arrested functions. The [...]

Indications for Referral

Frank Wildman, Ph.D. James Stephens, Ph.D., P.T. INDICATIONS FOR REFERRAL The Feldenkrais Method is indicated to restore functions lost through accident or degenerative diseases, as well as to improve function in people who want to enhance high-level skills. It is used with all types of clinical disorders, from hemiplegia and cerebral palsy, to acute or [...]

Forms of Therapy

Frank Wildman, Ph.D. James Stephens, Ph.D., P.T. The Feldenkrais Method® uses two approaches in working with patients: Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons and Functional Integration (FI). Awareness Through Movement ATM lessons are verbally directed movement sequences presented in a group setting. Lessons generally last from 20 to 60 minutes. There are hundreds of ATMs to [...]


Feldenkrais practitioners can be found worldwide. In the United States they are concentrated along the east and west Coasts and the greater Chicago area. Countries that use the method most heavily are Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and France. The work is used with infant, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients.


Frank Wildman, Ph.D. James Stephens, Ph.D., P.T. The Guild of Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners sets standards for training programs and certification. Training Programs Students enter training programs from a wide variety of backgrounds. The training required to be a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner requires 160 days of training spread over a period of over 3 years. The [...]

Biologic Mechanisms of Action

Frank Wildman, Ph.D. James Stephens, Ph.D., P.T. Personal experience reduces the initially unlimited number of possible combinations of nervous interconnections to a few preferred and active patterns of moving and acting. Once an adequate and socially acceptable level of motor functioning is achieved, the process of exploratory learning and development patterns grow so familiar through [...]

Barriers and Key Issues

Frank Wildman, Ph.D. James Stephens, Ph.D., P.T. As physicians increasingly recognize the brain-body relationship, the importance of learning how to move is becoming more essential. Therefore, interest in Feldenkrais as a scientifically based system of neuromuscular control and biomechanics will continue to grow.


Frank Wildman, Ph.D. James Stephens, Ph.D., P.T., PhD A simple ranking of conditions responsive to this form of therapy is as follows. As with all alternative therapies, use of the Feldenkrais Method does not preclude the use of mainstream medical therapies in addition. Top level (ideally suited for these conditions): Autism Back pain Balance problems [...]