Our  Cantal 1 Feldenkrais Training Program is in full swing and no longer open for enrollment, but our new Cantal 2 Training program begins in February 2018 in Aurillac, France and is accepting applications.  See our Training page for more information and view some introductory videos here.

Introduction to the Centre Feldenkrais Cantal

Feldenkrais practitioners explain the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method, on a professional and a personal level.

What is Feldenkrais? An interview with Dr. Frank Wildman.

How does the Feldenkrais method work ? – Part 2/5 – Interview Dr Frank Wildman

How did Moshe Feldenkrais develop his method ? – Part 3/5 – Interview Dr Frank Wildman

Feldenkrais and neuroscience? – Part 4/5 – Interview Dr Frank Wildman

Training and applications of the Feldenkrais Method – Part 5/5 – Interview Dr Frank Wildman

Additional Information:

Cantal 2 Feldenkrais Training Program
15000 Aurillac – France
Phone: 0033 (0)4 71 63 43 00
Mobile: 33 6 82 21 61 74


This training program will be taught in English with French translation. It is designed for French and International students.
Please write or call for more information about low cost airlines and where to stay in the area.