How Feldenkrais Saved My Life

Years ago, I was a dancer and choreographer working with Anna Halprin’s dance troupe in San Francisco. I was young and I didn’t know what damage dance could do to my body and the bodies of other artists I worked with. Fortunately, I met someone who did - a physicist, engineer, and Judo Master named [...]

An Interview with Dr. Frank Wildman

Q: How would you describe the Feldenkrais Method? What is it (briefly)? A: Feldenkrais is a unique approach to improve overall human function through movement. Now, that's not going to mean much to most people. It's a little like trying to explain gravity or electricity, everybody's eyes glaze over two sentences into it, but if [...]

Sitting Pretty

BY Frank Wildman, Ph.D. Editor's Note: This "Chair Play" exercise is excerpted from the book,The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement, by Frank Wildman, Ph.D., which describes how to use Feldenkrais to move with more ease, comfort and efficiency. If your work is a pain in the back (not uncommon for sitting jobs), you can [...]

Sitting in a Chair

By Frank Wildman, Ph.D. SECTION I: Sitting in a Chair Sitting in a chair is harder on the spine than standing or walking because there is more pressure on the disks of the spine. Many people have to frequently stand because of pressure that accumulates while sitting. Standing relieves muscular contractions that we are unaware [...]

Emotional Learning: Developing Emotional Intelligence

By Frank Wildman, PhD Whenever we contact another person we are in contact with their emotional self. It is unavoidable. When we touch someone's flesh, we enter their mind, and we are in contact with the wellsprings of their personality. As life itself is inseparable from the great geochemical processes of the earth, so are [...]

Feldenkrais: Clinical Applications (physical therapy)

By Frank Wildman, Ph.D. Many physical therapists are now familiar with the Feldenkrais® Method. Yet, there remains some uncertainty about the place of this controversial method in physical therapy due to a lack of familiarity about what the method involves. What is the Feldenkrais Method® and what are some of the major differences and similarities [...]

Feldenkrais for Chronic Illness

By Frank Wildman, PhD While medical technology excels in treating acute trauma, it does not train physicians well to treat our most common chronic illnesses. The treatment of many pain and stress problems therefore lacks focus. One of the most revolutionary discussions of the last few years has been about the relationship between posture, muscles, [...]

Chair Play

By Frank Wildman, Ph.D. SECTION I: Sitting in a Chair — Chair Play Many people have overly rigid ideas about how they should sit in a chair. Remember how a child relates to a chair and all the different ways children move their bodies in relationship to a chair. In this lesson, you will learn [...]

Busy Person’s Guide: Introduction

INTRODUCTION Scores of us undergo unecessary surgeries to restore function to our backs, shoulders, knees, feet, and ankles. We suffer needlessly from pains in the neck and back, irritated joints, sore muscles, and tight jaws. We spend thousands of dollars on pain medication, tranquilizers, or muscle relaxants, and countless hours on boring and ultimately ineffective [...]

Anti-Exercise for the Older and Wiser

By Frank Wildman, PhD The older we get, the more clever we must become. As we age, it is more important to use our bodies more efficiently. We must improve our quality and ease of motion, our coordination, our sense of balance, control and comfort. After a certain age, our bodily wisdom tells us it's [...]