Ruty Bar, M.A.
Ruty Bar, M.A.Feldenkrais trainer and Practitioner
Ruty Bar is a senior trainer in the Feldenkrais Method, both in Functional Integration and Awareness Through Movement. A Licensed Practitioner since 1988, Ruty has her own private practice for personalized lessons. She is also the educational director and teacher for several Practitioner Training Courses, in Israel, Europe and United States (NYC & Baltimore).

Ruty graduated from the Rubin Academy of Dance and Music in Jerusalem, and then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Movement Therapy from Leslie Boston University. Her Master’s Thesis was an in depth study of the mind-body connection, using the Feldenkrais Method to treat people with special needs.

Mara Fusero, Ph.D., P.T.
Mara Fusero, Ph.D., P.T.Educational Director at Centro Feldenkrais ASCD, Feldenkrais Trainer, Physiotherapist
Dr. Fusero is a Feldenkrais Trainer, has a degree in physiotherapy and is registered as a psychologist. As Educational Director of the Center Feldenkrais ASCD Milan since 1999, she organizes and conducts seminars on the Feldenkrais Method as well as Advanced Trainings for certified teachers and professional training courses to become teachers of the Feldenkrais Method in Italy and abroad.

She is currently co – director of the Training to become teachers of the Feldenkrais Method, Milano- Levico 5, and Director of Educational Training Monferrato 1. She works in her private practice at the studio in Via Pecchio 8_ 20131 Milano.

Carl Ginsburg, Ph.D.
Carl Ginsburg, Ph.D.Feldenkrais trainer and Practitioner
Trained as a scientist, and later studied with Moshe Feldenkrais in the first North American Professional Feldenkrais Training Program in 1975. His experience includes work with Ron Kurtz (Hakomi), Stephen Wolinsky (Quantum Psychology), and Marjorie Barstow (Alexander Technique), among others. He has been educational director for numerous Feldenkrais training programs in Europe and the US.

At the request of Dr. Feldenkrais he edited his workshop at Mann Ranch, which was published as The Master Moves. He has written extensively about the Feldenkrais Method for the Feldenkrais Journal, the Journal of Consciousness Studies and the Journal of Humanistic Psychology.

Carol Kress
Carol KressFeldenkrais trainer and practitioner
Carol Kress is a highly experienced Feldenkrais Practitioner and Trainer who brings to her teaching her involvement in an on-going private practice. Her work is informed by a long-time involvement in equestrian arts, yoga, and her practice of the martial art of Aikido for which she holds a 4th degree black belt.

Since finishing her Feldenkrais Training Program in 1993, Carol has been an associate of Elizabeth Beringer and David Zemach-Bersin. She is the long-time Continuity Trainer for the Feldenkrais Training Programs in Berkeley, California. Carol is currently completing the editing work on Volume One of an in-depth biography of Dr. Feldenkrais, written by her late-husband, Mark Reese. She lives in Marin County, California.

Dwight Pargee, M.S.
Dwight Pargee, M.S.Feldenkrais trainer and practitioner
Dwight Pargee, MS has studied movement sciences, martial arts and Zen meditation for the last 30 years and holds degrees in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. He is a former international rugby player and coach, as well as past president of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America. Dwight will serve as the Continuity Assistant Trainer in this training program and holds a special passion for developing competence among young practitioners. He has been adjunct faculty at a variety of universities, professional schools and training programs.

Dwight actively maintains a private practice in Bend, Oregon where he works with a wide variety of clients, ranging from competitive athletes, musicians, and performing artists to people seeking pain relief, mindful mobility, optimal aging and performance enhancement.

Donna Ray, M.A., M.F.T.
Donna Ray, M.A., M.F.T.Feldenkrais trainer and practitioner
Donna Ray, M.A., M.F.T. is an internationally known Teacher/Trainer and Educational Director of The Feldenkrais Method, Psychotherapist and Interpersonal Neurobiology presenter. She imparts knowledge and experience from her 30 years of practice with tremendous vitality and insight. She has worked with creative and talented people at the highest level including; professional athletes, singers, musicians and actors. People of all ages recovering from accidents and illness, anxiety & depression benefit from her unique approach. Donna’s background in psychology, hypnotherapy, dance, martial & expressive arts enables her to work with individuals, couples, families and groups in a variety of settings. She loves seeing people learn healthy ways of living that can transform their lives.
Stephen Rosenholtz, Ph.D.
Stephen Rosenholtz, Ph.D.Feldenkrais trainer and practitioner
Stephen Rosenholtz earned his Ph.D. in Education at Stanford University in 1981. Since his graduation from Feldenkrais’ Amherst training, he has maintained a practice and taught in Feldenkrais® trainings worldwide. Stephen has served as Educational Director of trainings in Germany and Switzerland and currently directs the Feldenkrais® training in Colima, Mexico.

Dr. Rosenholtz is also the creator of Move Like the Animals and Monkey Moves, award winning musical movement programs for children based on Feldenkrais’ lessons.

Mary Spire, M.Mus.
Mary Spire, M.Mus.Feldenkrais trainer and practitioner
Mary Spire is an experienced and certified Feldenkrais® practitioner and a Trainer in international Feldenkrais® trainings. She holds a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance from U.S.C. and performed for many years before becoming a Feldenkrais® practitioner. She has taught the Feldenkrais Method® at U.C. Berkeley, U.C. San Francisco, Boston University, SUNY Stonybrook, the Tanglewood Music Center and at other schools and hospitals. Since 1994, she has been teaching for the San Francisco Symphony’s Prevention & Wellness Program. In addition to her frequent workshops, lectures and symposia, Mary maintains private practices in Berkeley and Corte Madera, California, where she specializes in working with infants and children, older adults, people with neurological conditions and performing artists.
Katrin Smithback
Katrin SmithbackFeldenkrais trainer and practitioner
Katrin Smithback began her studies with Moshe Feldenkrais in 1980 and has had a continuous Feldenkrais® practice in Santa Fe, NM since then. Katrin was on the faculty at the College of Santa Fe for 17 years, teaching applied movement in the theater, dance, music and physical education departments. Her interest in practical applications of the Feldenkrais Method® has led her to develop and teach workshops and classes for a wide variety of groups, including athletes, actors, the disabled, therapists, the elderly, and the general public. She also teaches advanced trainings for practitioners and mentors local practitioners. As a trainer, Katrin teaches in professional training programs in the US, South America, Canada, Asia and Europe.
Chava Shelhav, Ph.D.
Chava Shelhav, Ph.D.Feldenkrais trainer and practitioner
Chava Shelhav was Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’ assistant both in Israel and abroad. She holds a master’s degree (Boston University). Her thesis, “Working with Brain Damaged Children Using the Feldenkrais Method,” was published in 1989. She was awarded a Ph.D. from the University of Heidelberg in the Departments of Sociology and Life Sciences. Her doctorate examined the effects of the Feldenkrais Method on learning processes and various aspects of life.

From many years Dr. Shelhav worked at the Feldenkrais Institute and assisted Dr. Feldenkrais in training programs in the United States. She collaborated in writing the chapter on learning in The Elusive Obvious, Dr. Feldenkrais’ book. She herself has published several books on the Feldenkrais method.
Dr. Shelhav is the educational director for Feldenkrais training programs in Israel and abroad. In Germany, she is head of the Center for the Feldenkrais Method near Koln. Dr. Shelhav is frequently invited as a guest lecturer at symposiums around the world.

In recent years she has developed the “Chava Shelhav-Child’Space method” of developmental monitoring of babies from birth and up to 24 months, a method based on the theory of Dr. Feldenrkais.