Our Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program in Eugene, Oregon will start its final year in March. Enrollment is closed, but visitors are always welcome. See our Training Page for more information and view some sample lectures and testimonial videos here.

Introduction to Eugene 2 Training Program

Feldenkrais Training: Description of the Feldenkrais Method Training Program

Feldenkrais Professional Training Program– Feedback from past Eugene graduates.

The Fossil of Consciousness, a short lecture by Dr. Frank Wildman about the skeleton and human potential.

Lecture: Feldenkrais: The Royal Road to Higher Consciousness by Dr. Frank Wildman

Functional Integration demonstration: The Royal Road to Higher Consciousness by Dr. Frank Wildman, Part 2

Additional Information:

Feldenkrais Movement Institute
721 The Alameda
Berkley, CA 94707 USA

(510) 527-2634
or (800) 342-3424
Fax (510) 528-1332

Enrollment open to March 14, 2016 with first year make-ups provided for late enrollment.