Our Feldenkrais Training Program in Milano and Levico, Italy is underway.  This training program is no longer open for enrollment, but visitors are always welcome!  See our Training Page for more information and view some introductory and testimonial videos here.

Dr. Frank Wildman introduces the Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program in Levico/Milano, Italy.

Student Opinions of Dr. Wildman’s Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program.

Additional Information:

Centro Feldenkrais Milano

Via Pecchio 8 – 20131 Milano
Tel/Fax: +39 02 29409005

Upcoming Schedule

Year 1:

Segment 2 December 27, 2015-January 12, 2016

Enrollment open to August 1, 2016 with first year make-ups provided for late enrollment.