Product Description

Dr. Wildman has developed a new DVD program to address the human problem of sitting for long periods of time, which is known to be extremely difficult on the back and hips.  Many postural issues that lead to pain are postural issues in sitting.  In this Active Sitting program, people will learn how to use their body in a chair in ways that will lead to increased mobility and comfort and expand postural possibilities.

Most exercise programs done in a chair involve boring routines with a very low input of body awareness.  This program will wake up your bodymind and help you gain the sensory information required to truly change the way you sit.

Active Sitting: Introduction to the Program 5:12

Movement Lesson 1: The Pelvic Walk 10:21

Movement Lesson 2: Chair Play, Part 1 8:56

Movement Lesson 3: Chair Play, Part 2 3:38

Movement Lesson 4: Finding a More Alive Pelvis 5:15

Movement Lesson 5: Freeing Your Middle and Upper Back 6:15

Movement Lesson 6: Neck and Shoulders into Length 12:39

Movement Lesson 7: Safe Bending While Sitting 17:52

Movement Lesson 8: Preventing Repetitive Stress Injury by Mobilizing Your Neck, Shoulders, and Back 11:16

Movement Lesson 9: Rising from Sitting to Standing 12:47

Movement Lesson 10: The Sitting and Turning Dance 4:29

Movement Lesson 11: Chair to Floor and Back 10:33

Movement Lesson 12: Jump Sitting 3:22