Product Description

This very timely and indispensable book provides common sense lessons to connect the mind and body through movement. Whether you’re an athlete, performing artist, professional or health care worker, The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement from Frank Wildman Ph.D. will help you work and live with greater ease.

Originally published in Germany, this title is the first Feldenkrais Method™ book to become a national bestseller. Now in English, it’s finally available to many more readers worldwide.

Feel better. Work more efficiently. Lower your stress.

50 easy lessons to more comfortable movement.

Practical and common sense applications.
Quick exercises with immediate results.
Feldenkrais Method learning.
Take it anywhere!
Quickly learn how to obtain greater freedom in your middle back, shoulders, hips, knees, and jaw.
Bend easier, reach with ease, improve your balance, and even find your optimal driving position.
They’re all here and more!

Softcover, 188 pages, 2006, Intelligent Body Press, Berkeley
ISBN 1-889618-76-4