Product Description

WHAT MAKES a person old? Some people think it’s wrinkles; others think it’s stodgy attitudes. But, really, the culprit is our habits. When we unlearn these habits and create new ones, we make our bodies and minds younger, stronger, and more flexible. In essence, we create a more youthful and intelligent body at any age.

Unlike other members of the animal kingdom, as humans, we only gradually learn how to control our bodies. To survive as infants and children, we must learn to lift our heads, push up our chests, sit, crawl, walk, jump, skip, and run. Once we learn these—and ever more complex—movements, we stop the learning process and our movements become habituated, often in ways that put stress on our bodies or ways that become rigidified and locked over time. We’re left with a lifetime of habits—from how we swing a tennis racket or sit at the keyboard to how we move, when we cook a gourmet meal—that can become harmful to our bodies.

The good news is that we can learn new habits that make our bodies and minds more agile and more fit. The easy-to-learn exercises and sequences in this book will help you break away from physically limiting habits and steer you toward feeling as you ordinarily would at your best—and perhaps, youngest—moments. With the Change Your Age program, you will move beyond the idea of doing exercises the “right” way or measuring how well you’re doing by looking at yourself in the mirror and instead return to moving as you did when you were younger.

Although exercise and movement in general can feel good and be considered health-related, not many people make the same connection of exercise to their brain. Using the principles of neuroscience, you can learn to guide your body internally in order to discover new sensations, a new and wider range of movement, and new techniques for coordinating your movements for ease and efficiency. You will engage your whole body and your brain in simple but powerful movement sequences that can actually re-groove your brain’s neuropathways so you begin to move in healthier, stronger, more coordinated, and even graceful ways.

These exercises adapt to you and your exact needs. The results you see in your sense of vitality and youthfulness will attest to their effectiveness.

Moving well, and using our whole body, is one of the best ways to reverse the all-to-common effects of aging. You can have a spring in your step, an air of grace, and stability and ease of movement at any age. What it means to be 50 today—how you function, what you are able to achieve, your life expectations, and how you appear—is very different from just 50 years ago.