Product Description

NOW AVAILABLE:  The new Embodied Balance DVD program

Most balance programs are ineffective because they are boring exercises and often balance programs measure their results by how well you can balance in a static position.  This is an interesting, fun balance program that develops balance in a variety of fluid and dynamic postures.

Over many years surveying balance programs from many countries, Dr. Frank Wildman has developed a series of lessons from the Feldenkrais® Method that he finds to be most effective for addressing balance issues.

Embodied Balance: Introduction to the Program 9:26

Movement Lesson 1: Exploring Feet and Ankles 14:25

Movement Lesson 2: Exploring Feet and Ankles, Part 2 5:46

Movement Lesson 3: Freeing Stiff Hips and Ankles 7:11

Movement Lesson 4: Improving Balance 10:57

Movement Lesson 5: Increasing Propulsion 14:04

Movement Lesson 6: Standing on the Highest Point of Your Hips 12:53

Movement Lesson 7: Jumping to Improve Your Posture 6:28

Movement Lesson 8: Closing Eyes to Improve Balance 6:28

Movement Lesson 9: Walking 6:09

Movement Lesson 10: Walking through Obstacles 2:26

Movement Lesson 11: Moving Your Pelvis 4:15

Movement Lesson 12: Moving Your Pelvis, Part 2 3:31